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What we expect in SEO arena for this year 2013
Poster By : Suresh On : Jan 21 2013 10:58:18  Views : 2635
Posted In : SEO News
As most of the webmasters know, SEO is the main key to achieving a good amount of traffic. If you get a lot of visitor’s means you can easily earn more. Search Engine Optimization has always been changing for years now and search engines have also devised ways on how to filter useful websites from those sites that has no quality or whatsoever. Google is one of most popular search engine and it has shocked a lot of website owners with it released the Penguin and EMD update which made SEO a lot more difficult. With this year 2013 just started, what do you (we) expect in Search Engine Optimization arena for the year 2013? Here are some predictions on what can happen in this year 2013.

SEO 2013 Predictions
Quality Over Quantity

Quality has always been the issue for the past few years and most of the website owners can prove that it is better to have high quality content than having a lot of content that does not have any quality. There are a lot of changes on how search engines analyze quality content. Google sees high quality if it is relevant and informative, enjoyable and which is easy to people read.

We might have some modifications when it comes to the number of words an article need to have in the coming 2013. In Irregardless of the number of words, as long as the content is well written then it should not have a negative effect on your website.

High Quality Back-links

 In last year Google filtered some websites using low quality back links. We might see more filtering in this year 2013 and there are saying that we can expect that back links coming from low quality sites will not be counted as powerful back links anymore. This will make you difficult to create back links to your main website. Search engines would like to carry only the highest quality sites to their users and they can view a site’s quality if other high quality websites are linking to them.

Social Signals

Actually 2012 has given birth to a lot of social signals that were used in SEO like Pinterest, Google +, Doc Submitting Sites and a more. We can expect a many more social signals will be introduced in this year 2013 also. We are expecting some revamped on the current web 2.0 and the launch of some web 3.0 too. This may be another one form of search engine optimization but who knows, it might even affect your website ranking negatively if used.

No Fundamental Changes in SEO

Any website needs to have compelling and unique content that has good readability and provides a rich user experience. Google began the tough inspection regarding back links in 2012, and this will continue in 2013. We must wait to see just how Google and other search engines implement their strategies for this year 2013 and it can be taken for granted that their efforts to keep search results organically honest, relevant and useful to consumer. Whether if the effects of that are good or bad, for consumers and the industry, remains to be seen.
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What we expect in SEO arena for this year 2013
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What we expect in SEO arena for this year 2013  Views : 2635
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